Fish Stink... You Don't Have To

There is no doubt that lingering odors from handling fish and bait can be bothersome, especially to those around us. Until now, anglers have tried a variety of remedies:

  • Raw lemon juice - too acidic, not very effective, and a waste of a perfectly good lemon
  • Bleach - far too caustic and I might even prefer the fish smell to this
  • Salt - very harsh, kind of like sandpaper on your skin
  • Ordinary hand soaps - simply do not work despite repeated scrubbings (and I mean repeated)
  • Stainless steel bars - just a fancy pet rock
  • Blow Torch - not recommended but would probably do the trick. (Seriously, don't try this) 



Double Top Secret Formulation

De-Fishing Soap has been engineered to not simply mask, but to completely and totally eliminate fish and bait odors. Our double top secret formulation (the NSA has nothing like this) includes our proprietary blend of the finest all-natural essential oils from around the world and never any animal products.  We can proudly say that De-Fishing Soap works like no other product available.

Lather up, scrub, rinse, and repeat. Simple as that!  And our liquid formula has been designed as both a hand and body wash, so you can scrub from head to toe.  Don't forget to wash your fillet knife and cutting board to keep them fresh and odor-free.

Other uses

We are always amazed at the many different uses for De-Fishing soap that our customers have discovered. Some of our favorites include:

  • Kitchen - Works well to remove garlic, meats, and many other common kitchen smells.  Ask our many satisfied restaurant-owners!
  • Hunting - Both to remove the human scent and to remove odor after dressing, especially deer
  • Sunscreen - After application, to remove the odor while fishing and hunting
  • Backpacking - To remove the scent of both fishing and cooking, especially when in bear country.  No one wants their hands to become fish-flavored bear lollipops
  • Automotive - Diesel and gas odor removal
  • Smoking - Works great to remove the smell of cigarettes and cigars
  • World Peace - Still confirming this one, but we're convinced it'll work