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De-Fishing Soap has a large and loyal following from anglers, outdoor enthusiasts, chefs, and homemakers around the globe. See what some of our happy customers have to say about the only cleaner guaranteed to kill odors wherever they lurk.

A product that actually works as advertised! Awesome stuff
I really needed this stuff for ocean fishing. It got the squid smell, fish smell off and it smelled good. I’m very glad I bought it.

High praise from fisherman’s wife (and mother)
Evette N.
Everyone in our house is thrilled by this product. As avid offshore fishermen, my husband and two boys always come home stinky! This works better than any other product we have tried. It has an anise, or licorice, smell, which while not my favorite, definitely gets rid of the fish smell and is clean and fresh smelling.

Best soap product on the market!
Danielle G.
I’m always in the kitchen and this was the only product I’ve ever used that instantly rid the smell of onion. A+++, I highly recommend this to all my fellow foodies. Can’t wait to try it on other things!

As a sushi chef keeping the hands clean & fresh…
as a sushi chef keeping the hands clean & fresh is a big deal. this product gets the job done!

Smells like you never caught one!
Jackson C.
This soap is amazing it will truly get rid of your smelly fish hands. If you subscribe to mystery tackle box you will need this, because of the baits they send you, you will definitely catch a fish!



Five Stars

It really works. A fisherman’s friend.
I searched high and low for a bar soap that would banish fish odors from hands as well as an older one we had used up. I couldn’t find one and tried the metal-type bars which did not work for me. This product is concentrated so a bottle lasts a long time. It has a pleasant anise fragrance which stays on your hands after you rinse it off. No more post-fileting fish smell for this family

This stuff is legit!!
W. Accousti
This is the best stuff I have ever used to rid fishy hand odor. Hands down this is the real deal. Pricey but it works.

Every fisherman needs this
Byorrin M.
This is a really good product if you are a weekend fisherman and don’t want to go to the office Monday morning smelling like fish this is a great product totally takes the smell away and leaves a nice licorace after scent.

This stuff really works
Jack l.
I love to eat fish, and I love to prepare it , but hate the smell left on my hands, so I tried this stuff : it really works and It smells nice, . I even experimented with chopped garlic rubbed into my palms of my hands,. This soap cleaned them and guess what no smell. This is no “girly” perfume cover up. It really cleans and smells fresh. A little goes a long way.

A product that actually works as advertised
Will A.
I will have to agree with the other reviewer – this soap really works – tried it at a buddy’s fishing camp after an offshore trip with lots of grime and fish stink from chunking up pogies (aka bunker or menhaden) and the smell was COMPLETELY gone. There is a slight licorice/anise smell – also not my favorite sent but it’s subtle and much much better than baked on pogie! . It’s rare that something works as well as advertised but this does.

This stuff is nothing short of awesome.
Kelly B.
Worked for removing fish smell so I started trying it with other challenging odors. Started washing my gym clothes and it killed the musky odor that just wouldn’t seem to go away. Then tried it on a couch that my cat relived itself on. Totally neutralized that odor as well. Just try it… You’ll be stoked..



For All Kinds of Fishy Smells
I’ve tried this on my hands for saltwater fish, stinky bait-shrimp parts, and also freshwater fish…and it works great! I even used it to successfully remove the leftover “aroma” from my smoked salmon & onion breakfast sandwich. It leaves a subtle licorice/anise scent.

Got this for my husband & his brother to use…
M. Moyon
Got this for my husband & his brother to use, they go deep sea & local lake/pond fishing a lot & said this soap works well.

Five Stars
Grate product will buy again

Five Stars
John S.
works great

De-Fishing Soap
I received the sample of de-fishing soap and think it is a great product for removing all odors from your hands, I use it a lot and recommend this to all my friends to remove any odors from their hands.

I was fishing in a nasty pond with thick black grass that always leaves my hands smelling. The soap took the smell right off just like its supposed to

strong smell works well

Five Stars
Rodney G.
Works! Little goes a long way.

Love It
That’s a cool idea. I always have to wait until i get home to wash my hands. With this i can stay clean all the time.

Gets the wife off my back
Good Product! Keep my wife from yelling at me for smelling like fish!

Finally someone makes some fishy soap
Works excellent as a tackle box air freshener and the bass thumb no longer stinks after a long day out on the water

Works great
I don’t really like the smell of it but it removes any fish smells

This is such a good idea. And it works great!



Works great!
This stuff is pretty good, gets rid if stinky smells just like it says!

Great idea!
This soap is great! I’ve been searching for a strong soap to get rid of that fish smell after a long successful day of fishing. De-fishing soap has finished my search for me – it flat out works! I’ll be buying bottles of this stuff.

Have seen this before but never bought it I was so glad to see it, I went and caught some fish to get my hands nice and smelly, and tried this stuff out and only one scrub all of the scent is gone! Love it<3

This takes the fishy scent right away… not the best smell but much better than fish

Great product, definitely cleaned the fish smell off.

This is by far the absolute best fish scent remover on the market! My mom cant stand the smell of fish, she hates fish and the scent makes her almost throw up. I bought this scent killer before I went sturgeon fishing and the bait I used was fresh salmon roe (caught the salmon myself), mud shrimp, ghost shrimp, and some sort of eel my buddy got me…anyways stinky stuff!!! After a whole day of fishing sun up to sundown I put some of this scent killer on my hand and some of the clothes I was wearing, came home my mom couldn’t even tell I went fishing. This is product is amazing for anyone and everyone! BEST PRODUCT OUT FOR GETTING RID OF THAT NASTY SCENT!!! It does smell like black licorice

No more fish hands!
The wife couldn’t be happier, nothin she likes less than me coming home sunday afternoon smelling like a fish house. Great soap with the essence of jagermeister!

Very strong
Will get any smell off you worth the money.

Works great
This stuff takes the fish smell right off your hands, like nothing else I’ve used before!

Good soap
It will take the fish smell away. Hope you like the smell of licorice.

De-Fishing soap
I only received a sample of this soap ,and used it for a couple of days. It took off odors of gas ,oil, and fish, giving me the confidence of handling my baits without offending the bass. I will get some more of this soap, and I will recommend it to my friends.

Gets rid of the smell
I use this after fishing every time and some times just as normal soap

Ridiculously strong soap. Masks just about anything.

Great Product
Nice Soap to use after a gas spill I was glad I had it with me!!