Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it REALLY works.
It will. Guaranteed.
Just send it back and we’ll refund your money.
Even if you like it, there are a lot of people around you who don’t, so clean up for their sake. Please.
We named it “De-Fishing Soap” because that’s why it was created. Then, we realized that we might as well call it “Stink-Be-Gone” because it works on all sorts of common odors like garlic, onions, meats, tobacco, sunscreen, pet stains, gasoline… The world is a smelly place and there’s no shortage of odors that this soap can remove for you.
De-Fishing Soap is a MUST in the kitchen. What goes in your food, will stay in your food instead of lingering on your hands.

This soap works great as a backpacking soap. No one wants their hands to become lollipops for bears in the middle of the night.

Hunting is another popular choice. Whether you’re trying to mask your human scent or need to clean up after working on an animal, this soap works wonders.

Finally, there’s a lot of smelly stuff that goes on in gardening. Bat guano, fish emulsion, piles of manure… It wasn’t at the top of our radar either until we gave some to a professional gardener. Now he is on about a bottle-a-month habit. Can’t blame him.

If you cover dead fish with roses, it’s still dead fish. Our soap is different because it lifts the smell instead of covering it up.
No, it was just an analogy.
We can’t tell you everything that’s in it, trade secret and all. What you do need to know is that our soap is handcrafted from a blend of all-natural ingredients that harness the power of essential oils.
We believe that you can’t beat nature when you know how to work with it. All of our ingredients are biodegradable, not some lab-manufactured monstrosity that creates three-eyed fish down the road.
Mostly because we thought it looked cool. Its just food coloring, the kind you put on your Easter eggs. Heads-up: Since we don’t add any harsh chemicals like UV protectants, the color fades over time. The soap still works though.
The color will fade from the soap sitting out in the sun because we don’t use any UV protectants. They kill coral reefs and have no business being in our product. Rest assured, your soap still works the same!
Yes! We designed this soap to be 100% harmless in all outdoor and indoor settings.
Close… that’s Star Anise you smell. Bonus: It doesn’t just help remove the smell, it actually attracts fish! It is a common ingredient in many soft plastics and baits because fish go nuts for it. Use it on your hands before touching your baits and put some in your tackle box.
No worries, it fades really quickly and all you’re left with is clean hands. Plus, a few minutes of licorice is way better than the alternative. Your family and friends will thank you.
Sure, you’re just going to have to scrub a bit harder. Remember to give some extra attention to trouble spots like nails and cuticles.
Do NOT put De-Fishing Soap directly into the washing machine. We are hard at work, developing a laundry detergent. For now, pre-soak your clothes in a bucket with a liberal amount of the soap and water. You can also add a bit of Oxyclean to help with bloodstains. (We are not affiliated with Oxyclean, we just like it).
Absolutely! The pre-soaking technique is great for this. Just dip your clothes in some soap and water. Then, wash as usual.
The soap definitely works on pet-related smells, like urine. However, it was not specifically designed for bathing animals. Dogs and cats have individual sensitivities and allergies, so we cannot guarantee the soap’s safety. Talk to your vet or test it out on a small area of your pet first.
We don’t know why you wouldn’t. Go get yourself some soap!