How De-Fishing Soap Works

(and yes, it really does!)

Step 1:

Use this like any other soap – with a splash of water (warm water and our scrub brush is best). Our essential-oil based formula is actually LIFTING that foul smell away, not masking it.

Step 2:

Rinse with water. Our soap is all-natural and completely biodegradable. Rinsing in the lake or stream isn’t going to hurt a thing! Got more questions? We’ve got answers RIGHT HERE

We know this soap will take care of all your stinky problems.
Don’t just take our word for it…

Works great
This stuff takes the fish smell right off your hands, like nothing else I’ve used before! Todd

Very strong

Will get any smell off you worth the money. – Bennett

Best soap product on the market!

I’m always in the kitchen and this was the only product I’ve ever used that instantly rid the smell of onion. A+++, I highly recommend this to all my fellow foodies. Can’t wait to try it on other things!    Danielle G.

This stuff is nothing short of awesome.
Worked for removing fish smell so I started trying it with other challenging odors. Started washing my gym clothes and it killed the musky odor that just wouldn’t seem to go away. Then tried it on a couch that my cat relieved itself on. Totally neutralized that odor as well. Just try it… You’ll be stoked. –
Kelly B.

Gets the wife off my
Good Product! Keep my wife from yelling at me for smelling like fish! – Christian