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We were skeptical at first

but now this is a must-have product.... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product! I am super sensitive (gag reflex engages) to smells, and fish smell is the WORST! First time, we both could not believe it. Thank you for solving our problem, and most likely marriage.


A product that actually works as advertised.

I will have to agree with the other reviewer - this soap really works - tried it at a buddy's fishing camp after an offshore trip with lots of grime and fish stink, and the smell was COMPLETELY gone.

Will A.

This stuff is nothing short of awesome.

Worked for removing fish smell so I started trying it with other challenging odors. Started washing my gym clothes and it killed the musky odor that just wouldn't seem to go away. Just try it... You'll be stoked...

Kelly B.

High praise from fisherman's wife.

Everyone in our house is thrilled by this product. As avid offshore fisherman, my husband and two boys always come home stinky! This works better than any other product we have tried.

Evette N.

It really works. A fisherman's friend.

I searched high and low for a bar soap that would banish fish odors from hands as well as an older one we had used up. I couldn't find one and tried the metal-type bars which did not work for me. This product is concentrated so a bottle lasts a long time.


No More Fish Hands!

The wife couldn’t be happier, nothin she likes less than me coming home sunday afternoon smelling like a fish house. Great soap


Great Idea!

This soap is great! I’ve been searching for a strong soap to get rid of that fish smell after a long successful day of fishing. De-fishing soap has finished my search for me – it flat out works!



Guaranteed to Work

Put away the toothpaste and bleach, this stuff actually works. You're probably saying to yourself, "That's the smell of a victorious day on the water" and you know what? You're right. But while you may revel in the odor...Your friends and family don't enjoy that victorious smell as much as we do. Try De-Fishing Soap today 100% risk free, if your family misses that 4 day old squid stench then just let us know and we'll refund every penny. Trust us, they won't. Just read our reviews.

gentle on skin.easy on nature.



100% biodegradable & phosphate-free